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NEC Project Management Certified Advanced Level Training Workshops – Winter 2017 – Hong Kong


The administration of capital works projects in Hong Kong is changing, following a series of recent government policy initiatives. These seek to transition the industry away from its traditionally combative and adversarial operational style to more collaborative and co-operative methods of working, in line with international best-practice.

The use of NEC3 Forms of Contract as the default choice for the procurement of all new public sector capital works from 2015, in preference to conventional Government standard contract forms, is one such initiative. In October of 2016 Government published practice notes and standardized amendments mandatory for all new NEC3 ECC projects in Hong Kong.

The challenge with the implementation of new contract transition is the effective training of project participants responsible for delivering these projects. Training is required both in the contractual provisions of the various NEC contracts, the management and administrative procedures required to be followed, and also in the philosophy of collaboration, co-operation, openness and teamwork – the essence of the spirit of mutual trust and co-operation fundamental to the success of all NEC projects.

BK SURCO has been successfully operating its programmes of NEC training workshops to the Hong Kong construction industry since 2012. The workshops are designed so as to accommodate both the required degree of theoretical course content together with available time for more group working and worked examples of the various features of the NEC3 Contracts. For 2017 the programme been newly improved to accommodate content related to the newly published Government practice notes and standard contract amendments. In addition, special NEC Advanced Level Training Certificates will be provided for those attending 35 Hours of BK SURCO Training during 2017.

BK SURCO’s NEC Project Management Course has been approved as meeting the requirements of the Chartered ICES.

Winter 2017 Training Programme
NECPM110 – Introduction to NEC Contracts 1 Nov 2017 (Wed) 0900-1230
NECPM120 – Successfully Managing an NEC Contract 1 Nov 2017 (Wed) 1400-1730
NECPM130 – Developing Procurement and Strategy Options using ECC 3 Nov 2017 (Fri) 0900-1700
NECPM140 – Construction Risk and Programming Management using ECC 10 Nov 2017 (Fri) 0900-1700
NECPM150 – Principles of Target Cost Contracting using the NEC 14 Nov 2017 (Tue) 0900-1700
NECPM160 – Tendering and Contract Documentation for ECC Projects 16 Nov 2017 (Thu) 0900-1700
NECPM170 – Project Administration and Communications using ECC 21 Nov 2017 (Tue) 0900-1700
NECPM180 – Administration and Evaluation of ECC Compensation Events 23 Nov 2017 (Thu) 0900-1700
NECPM190 – Pre and Post Contract Pricing, Valuation and Final Accounts for ECC 28 Nov 2017 (Tue) 0900-1700
NECPM200 – The NEC Professional Services Contract 30 Nov 2017 (Thu) 0900-1230
NECPM210 – The Term Services Contract 4 Dec 2017 (Mon) 0900-1230