Seminar Topics

NEC Contract Management
Introduction to the NEC Contracts
Developing Procurement and Contract Strategy Options using NEC
Construction Risk Allocation and Managing using NEC
Programming Management for NEC Projects
Principles of Target Cost Contracting using NEC
Tendering and Contract Documentation for NEC Projects
Project Administration and Communications using NEC
Administration and Evaluation of NEC Compensation Events
Pre and Post Contract Pricing, Valuation and Final Accounts for NEC

Commercial Management
Extension of Time
Prolongation Claims
Valuation of Variations
Commercial Awareness and Management
Financial Control Reporting and Forecasting
Bonds, Guarantees, Collateral Warranties & Letters of Credit
Measurement and BQ Problems

Project Management
Identifying, Classifying and Accommodating Risk
Planning, Programming and Resource Management
Construction Design Management
Improvement of Safety Performance at Management Level
Sustainable Building Standards, Best Practices and Management
Employment and Management of Subcontractors

Law and Insurance
Law of Tort (including Negligence and Nuisance)
Contract Law for Construction Contracts
Construction Insurance

Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution and Avoidance
Role and Duties of Expert Witness