Quantity Surveying

Sheraton-Nha-Trang-(Night)_Vietnam_QS_sPre-contract Services

BK will give practical advice on the likely cost of construction from the outset. Conceptual design budgets are prepared based upon present market rates for similar construction projects. This information permits clients to make fundamental decisions on project viability. BK will prepare cost studies and advise on the costs of alternative design solutions, structural forms, choice of materials, construction sequence, maintenance and cost in use from which detailed cost plans will be developed for budgetary control purposes.

Once design is complete, tenders will be invited for the construction work. At this stage BK will prepare tender packages comprising:

  • Articles of Agreement
  • Bills of Quantities/Pricing Document/Schedule of Rates
  • Conditions of Contract
  • Conditions of Tender
  • Form of Performance Bond
  • Form of Tender
  • Form of Warranty
  • Instructions to Tenderers
  • Special Conditions of Contract
  • Specifications and Drawings [prepared by the Architect or the Engineer]

BK will perform a commercial and contractual review to check that no substantial errors have been made by tenderers, thus ensuring that the contract award is on a sound basis. All tenders are thoroughly analysed to identify any varying terms and conditions offered. Following this, a report is prepared that clearly defines all the benefits or downside so associated.

Post Contract Services

Contractual and commercial matters are addressed in a professional and timely manner. BK will perform the basic duties set out below to ensure its clients’ interests are protected:

  • Contract interpretation
  • Cost control
  • Final accounts
  • Fluctuation calculations
  • Forecast / budget updates
  • Interim valuations and payment recommendations
  • Measurement and evaluation of variations and other changes/claims and re-rating
  • Named / nominated subcontractors and suppliers’ accounts
  • Re-measurement