Commercial and Contract Management


  • Commercial and contractual advice
  • Commercial strategies, initiatives and negotiations
  • Contract and subcontract administration, including implementation of risk control procedures
  • Contract and subcontract documentation
  • Independent audits of construction companies and projects
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Negotiation of agreements
  • Preparation and assessment of claims
  • Project Budget review and evaluation
  • Progress and performance reviews and recommendations
  • Risk management
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Supplemental / settlement agreements
  • Tender documentation


BK’s involvement in the commercial management of projects can be procured at any time throughout the life cycle of the project from inception to completion. Services span the complete life cycle or are provided in discrete packages for specific stages or activities; for example:

  • Advice on tender submissions and qualifications
  • Commercial and contractual risk analysis and advice
  • Contractual interpretation
  • Cost to Completion – review and re-evaluation

  • Programme / schedule evaluation
  • Review of tender documentation and identification of risk
  • Risk evaluation
  • Risk management, including review of contract documentation, risk identification and establishment of contractual and
    commercial procedures to mitigate risk
  • Tender price evaluation
  • Time to Completion – review and re-evaluation
    These services are equally relevant across all sectors, because the basic challenge is constant, irrespective of status. Whether you are a client, contractor, subcontractor, consultant or vendor, success often results from achieving optimum trade-off between quality, time and cost. Projects are often successful overall when the optimised trade-off is mutually supportive and not in conflict.

    CCM-SATORP-(Saudi-Arabia)_Singapore_CCMBK’s services all impact on the management of project variables, from up-front analysis, planning and programming, through monitoring and control during design and construction phases, to forms of recovery after the event. Their common objective is to enhance the effectiveness of commercial and contract management. The content of all BK’s commercial and contract management services together constitutes sound management practice for projects; what ought to be done on every project, by participants, to safeguard their respective interests and achieve their target performance objectives.