NEC3 to NEC4 – What does it mean to Contractors?

The Hong Kong Government has announced to use New Engineering Contract (NEC) – Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) for all public works projects under Development Bureau with contract sum more than HK$300M from January 2018”, Mr. John Kwong (Head of Project Cost Management Office, Development Bureau) on 3rd August 2017. This policy significantly affects all ‘Group C’ contractors in risk management, planning and programming, project administration and communication, sub-contracting, compensation events, pre and post contract pricing, valuation and final accounts.

On 12th October 2017, BK SURCO Limited hosted a complimentary seminar for ‘Group C’ contractors on the topic of “NEC3 to NEC 4 – What does it mean to Contractor?”. There were 30 senior management / decision makers from 12 ‘Group C’ contractors attended the seminar. This seminar gave participants essential knowledge during tendering and execution of NEC projects to minimise risk and maximise profit. Following the seminar there were questions and interactive discussion from the floor. Battersby Kingsfield Limited and BK SURCO Limited provide NEC advisory consultancy services and NEC training services to employers, contractors and consultants respectively.